install action

This action can be used to install an Exegol image. At least one Exegol image is required to create and start a container and enjoy Exegol.

When this action is used, the image can either be:

  • downloaded (i.e. “pulled” in Docker terms) from the official Dockerhub registry. In this case, a compressed and pre-built image is downloaded in the form of layers, and then uncompressed.

  • built locally by following the instructions of a Dockerfile offered on the Exegol-images GitHub repo. Here again, no need to download the dockerfile manually, all of them are already at /path/to/Exegol/exegol-docker-build/.


The install action can be used without any particular argument or option. the wrapper will then enter in an interactive TUI (Text-based User Interface) mode where the user will be asked to choose what image to install or build.

exegol install





Optional positional argument to indicate the image to install (if downloading), or the name of the image to build (if building locally).


Optional positional argument to indicate the source profile to use if building locally.


Write logs to the path specified if building locally.


Custom path to the dockerfiles and sources.

Command examples

#Install or build interactively an exegol image
exegol install

#Install or update the full image
exegol install full

#Build interactively a local image named myimage
exegol install myimage

#Build the myimage image based on the full profile and log the operation
exegol install myimage full --build-log "/tmp/build.log"