remove action

The purpose of the remove action is to remove one or more Exegol container.

If the deleted container was using an outdated image, the wrapper will (by default) try to delete that outdated image automatically (unless this default behavior is changed in the exegol configuration file, which is not advised since disk space is not limited and Exegol images can take up to 30GB).

When deleting the container, the wrapper will check if the content of the /workspace volume is empty. If the workspace is empty, exegol will automatically delete the folder on the host, otherwise it will explicitly ask the user if the workspace content should be deleted or not.


The options of the remove action are limited to selecting the container(s) to be removed and forcing the removal without asking the user for interactive confirmation.




Tag used to target one or more Exegol containers

-F, --force

Remove container without interactive user confirmation (confirmation will still be required for removing non-empty workspaces).

Command examples

# Remove interactively one or more containers:
exegol remove

# Remove the "demo" container:
exegol remove "demo"

# Remove the "demo", "test" and "dev" container without asking for user confirmation:
exegol remove -F "demo" "test" "dev"