uninstall action

The purpose of the uninstall action is to remove one or more Exegol images.


The wrapper will try to delete the selected exegol images but this can only work if the selected images are not used by any container anymore. A container based on an image that doesn’t exist anymore cannot run.


The options of the uninstall action are limited to selecting the image(s) to be removed, and forcing the removal without asking the user for interactive confirmation.




Tag used to target one or more Exegol images

-F, --force

Remove image without interactive user confirmation.

Command examples

# Remove interactively one or more containers:
exegol uninstall

# Remove the "full" container:
exegol uninstall "full"

# Remove the "full", "ad" and "web" container without asking for user confirmation:
exegol uninstall -F "full" "ad" "web"