version action

The version action is mostly used for debugging purposes, it only displays information about the Exegol setup on the system.

In debug mode (-vvv), it also displays information about the system and wrapper installation context.


The options available for the version action are the global options that affect the behavior of all exegol actions.



-h, --help

Show the help message of any action

-v, --verbose

Verbosity level (-v for verbose, -vv for advanced, -vvv for debug)

-q, --quiet

Show no information at all

-k, --insecure

Allow insecure server connections for web requests, e.g. when fetching info from DockerHub (default: Secure)


Run exegol in offline mode, no request will be made on internet (default: Disable)

--arch {arm64,amd64}

Overwrite default image architecture (default: host’s arch)

Command examples

# Show version information
exegol version

# Show version and system information
exegol version -vvv